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About Rocket Agency

There is an old adage, that a company is big enough to cope but small enough to care and that sums up the Rocket Agency perfectly! Our streamlined agency can deal with all sizes of projects and all types of clients.

We have been dealing with customers in the Lancashire region for over a decade, helping their businesses to grow online. If you are looking for organic growth of your website or more online enquires, get in touch today for a no-obligation quotation.

Our Team

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A True Team Effort!

A company is only as good as its team and that is certainly the case, here at Rocket. The company has three main team members, in David, Cami and Peter. There are many others in the worldwide team that make up our agency but these three members make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We are great believers in levelling up! By that, we always strive to have all team members go through constant new training courses and in-house training to level up their skill set. A multi-skilled employee is very valuable and makes us stand out for the crowd so that we can solve any issue you may have with your website or website marketing.

So what type of skills do our experienced team have? Well on the website side, we can build WordPress sites, from small brochure websites, right up to eCommerce platforms. Our web developers can also fix any issue, from website speed to developing CS code for your project. Other skills are content writing, local and national SEO, back-link outreach, guest post creation, Facebook marketing, web development and general internet marketing.